With the constantly increasing pollution levels and non-biodegradable waste across the world, climate change has become a significant concern for governments as well as individuals. According to NCEI, the earth’s temperature has increased since 1880 by 0.14° Fahrenheit (0.08° Celsius) per decade.

There are many reasons behind the severely changing climatic conditions, one of which is the excessive use of plastic. Consumers are becoming more sensitive towards what they buy and how it will impact the environment.

Sustainability is gaining momentum among people due to high awareness of climate change. This is further motivating companies to opt for sustainable materials and packaging solutions which do not negatively impact the environment.

In order to cope with plastic waste, organization and academics are coming up with new ways to decrease the amount of plastic packaging used in the process, which contribute to the single biggest source of plastic waste.

If you want to know why you should opt for paper packaging, then read ahead to find what makes paper packaging better than plastic packaging and how it helps the environment to get better.

The Cons Of Plastic Packaging

Traditionally plastic packaging was used by companies and vendors to pack their products and deliver them to their customers. However, criticism of using plastic has been prevalent in society. It is simply because of the various disadvantages of plastic packaging on the environment.

According to UNEP, approx. 400 million tonnes of plastic waste is generated every year across the world. This amount of plastic is decomposed in oceans and lands, which pollutes aquatic ecosystems and soil. It takes thousands of years to decompose plastic and still can’t be fully decomposed in the environment.

UNEP stated that millions of tonnes of plastic waste are dumped into the environment, or in some cases shipped to destinations where it is dumped or burnt. The estimation of the annual loss of plastic packaging waste while sorting and processing are approximately US$ 80- 120 billion.

Single-use plastic is the biggest culprit in plastic waste generation. Pictures of plastic packages on beaches and oceans can be frequently seen on online platforms. Plastic not only pollutes resources but also impacts other living beings because they are non-biodegradable.

Plastic packaging is not sustainable and needs a complicated procedure for recycling too. Global organizations like UNEP are constantly making efforts to increase the use of better and eco-friendly substitutes for plastics. To fulfill their social responsibilities, companies are also significantly adopting sustainable & eco-friendly paper packaging.

Some governments have also banned the usage of single-use plastic, which has given a boost to sustainable packaging solutions among companies. On the other hand, some companies are opting for packaging solutions that do not cause any harm to the surroundings and are recyclable, unlike plastic packaging.

Reason To Choose Paper Packaging Over Plastic

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With the introduction of various sustainable packaging solutions, many eco-friendly packaging companies in India came into existence. Different qualities of paper packaging are attracting other product-based companies to opt for them.

Along with environmental benefits, paper packaging also offers advantages for businesses. From a business perspective, paper packaging is cost-efficient, flexible, and durable that adds up to your products’ design and aesthetic value.

Some of the key reasons why paper packaging is better than plastic ones are

1) Easy To Recycle

There are paper recycling mills that collect discarded paper products & boxes and make them into paper packaging solutions and other paper products. Along with that, using paper packaging motivates companies to grow and protect trees.

Companies can also recycle paper multiple times to make packaging material without relying on new raw materials. Paper packaging is safer for the environment than single-use plastic packaging materials. The recycling process of paper is a simple process, which does not time and thus, it is feasible for companies to recycle more paper packaging.

2) More Biodegradable

Since paper is made up of trees, it is decomposable and biodegradable in nature. Paper-based packaging materials like shredded papers are developed from biodegradable and renewable raw materials like paperboard, which makes them eco-friendly.

Many people often get confused that paper packaging material like cardboard, boxes, and shredded papers are made by cutting trees. But, it is not so, they are many from the existing paper products and materials which are recycled and crafted as packaging products. This makes them more sustainable in nature and fully biodegradable.

3) Easy To Reuse

One of the major benefits of paper packaging is that it can be reused. High-quality paper bags help the consumer store different dry items or products while preserving the food items. The reusability factor of paper is relatively high and hence, are getting more attention from consumers as well as companies.

Paper can be reused by changing its forms due to its capability of re-pulping without using chemicals. The product cycle of paper is long since it can be recycled many times to develop new products.

4) Not Fatal To Wildlife

Unlike plastic, paper packaging does not cause any harm to wildlife if thrown outside. In many cases, animals get injured and witness health issues by consuming plastic products. Plastic is fatal to wildlife, and hence, this issue can be solved with the adoption of paper-based packaging solutions.

Plastic consumption by animals leads to intestinal obstruction, which further results in their starving to death. In comparison to paper bag packaging that needs up to a month to decompose, it is clear that shifting to paper packaging solutions would help in keeping nature and wildlife safer.

5) Better Printing On Paper

Using paper for packaging products can be very beneficial for companies since it helps in improving brand visibility. Companies can easily print their logs and designs on paper without requiring any investment in dedicated and specialized material printing.

Paper offers a more smooth and clear surface for printing any important information about the products as well as brand information. Due to the visibility and ease of paper packaging, companies are opting for eco-friendly paper packaging materials.

The simplicity of paper packaging is one of its benefits, which exhibits its unique packaging and visuals to help brands in framing their narrative and, better product protection.

6) High Durability

The durability of paper packaging materials is high. Heavy products can also be transported in corrugated boxes made of paper with superior quality. Sustainable and durable paper packaging materials help keep the products fresh.

Along with that, paper packaging items help lock odors and keep products away from pests and dirt. Several eco-friendly packaging companies in India are introducing a wide range of packaging materials crafted from paper. These products are more sustainable and durable, which attracts more investment from the companies.

Paperboard, paper, and fiber are crafted for better strength, grease resistance or to offer it with obstacle against moisture, oxygen, or mineral oils, and retain the aroma of food items.

7) More Appealing

Growing consumer awareness about the negative impact of plastic packaging and the rising importance of buying a product with paper-based packaging are contributing to the demand for paper packaging materials in the market.

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Customers are putting more thought while purchasing any product. Many of them look at whether the packaging is eco-friendly or not. If a product is packaged with paper material, customers are likely to buy it over plastic packaged products. Thus, paper packaging is more appealing to customers than plastic packaging.

8) More Versatile

Paper as a base material is very versatile in nature, and you can modify it as per your requirements and designs. Some companies combine paper with other materials to increase the aesthetic value of their packaging.

This helps in making packaging more attractive and influences more consumers. Using paper packaging can help companies to make their products look good and premium, which boosts the demand for paper packaging in the business world.

9) Multi-Usage Properties

There are many ways in which paper can be used in the packaging industry. You can simply reuse paper packaging as fiberboard, wrapping paper, and paper bags. The same materials can be used multiple times in the whole packaging process.

For example, paper packaging sheets can not only give the final layer to the products but also can be used in the void filling by manufacturers in the form of shredded papers.

To sum up

As companies and people are becoming more conscious of degrading climatic conditions, they are constantly looking forward to better alternatives to plastic. Packaging is one of the crucial processes in the product development cycle, which includes more usage of plastic than product making itself.

Keeping this in mind, Packmile came up with a wide range of paper packaging solutions that are sustainable and recyclable. To minimize your plastic waste from the packaging process, we have many products which will fulfill your requirements and reduce your carbon footprint.

Cost-efficiency with high quality and durability is the key to our products. Hope this article helped you with all your doubts about paper packaging. In case you have any doubt about our products, contact our team for better assistance.

Let’s make this world, Plastic free!

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