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Water Activated Tape Dispenser

Water Aactivated Tape (WAT) or gummed tape is the best carton sealing method available today. When properly applied with Phoenix Tape Dispensers, WAT is your best bet to prevent theft and shipping damage due to inferior seal.  We have a variety of tape dispensers to meet the needs of enterprises large and small. Find out why industry leaders from around the world rely on Phoenix Tape Dispensers. Phoenix Tape Dispensers feed, moisten and cut tape to the desired length maximizing efficiency and reducing handling cost.  Go green with a paper-based solution and enjoy source reduction with WAT.

There are 3 variants:

Water Activated Tape Dispenser

Manual Tape Dispensers

Electronic Tape Dispensers

Evolution Series Tape Dispensers with real-time printing


Phoenix Tape Dispensers are made with steel construction with baked enamel finish to prevent corrosion. Will look and work like new for years!
Hands Free. Ink-jet printing. On-demand real-time printing on tapes can be done. 1” to 3.5” width tapes can used in the same dispenser.
Manual & Electronic dispensers available based on usage. Ability to dispense custom length tapes with touch of a button or hands-free.
Takes much lesser time to tape compared to BOPP tapes. Saves on production time & cost. Programmable keypads allow tape lengths to be adjusted.
By adding the capabilities of an ink jet printer to the advantages of water-activated tape, Phoenix Tape Dispensers proves again to be the innovative leader. With the ability to print messages directly onto your water activated tape, you can strengthen your brand and eliminate the use of labels, pens and markers.  Tape can be customized with your company logo, SKU numbers or other important handling messages.
Sole & Exclusive Distributors of Phoenix Tape Dispensers. Made in USA.
Phoenix Tape Dispensers
Phoenix Tape Dispensers


Paper Tape Dispenser - Sealing for Shipping Boxes

Sealing for Shipping Boxes