Paper Tape Dispenser

Water Activated Tape Dispenser

Combine the efficiency of WAT and dispenser to bring synergy and productivity in your supply chain to the next level. Simple and fast way to size, wet, and cut paper tapes.

Water Activated Tapes (WATs) or gummed tapes are the best carton sealing method available today. WAT is your best bet to prevent theft and shipping damage due to its high tensile strength and superior adhesive quality. It’s a better alternative to plastic, pressure-sensitive tape (PST) in terms of both cost-effectiveness and environment-friendliness.

WAT uses starch-based adhesive to create a robust bond with the corrugated carton’s surface. But manually applying them requires a lot of time and effort. This can affect your time-to-market.

Bring Phoenix water-activated paper tape dispenser to your supply chain. It provides an efficient way to feed, moisten and cut the tape to the desired length. Streamlining the packaging and shipping process by multiple folds, maximizing productivity, and reducing handling costs.

We have a variety of paper tape dispensers to meet the needs of small and large enterprises. We have three variants:

Water Activated Tape Dispenser

Manual Tape Dispensers

Phoenix manual dispensers are designed to wet, size, and cut water-activated tape for corrugated box sealing. They are durable, easy-to-use, and hassle-free solutions. You can easily dispense tape lengths based on your chosen variant with a single pull of the hand. Any desired length can be achieved with multiple pulls of the handle.

This machine can easily be integrated into any packaging station. And it demands little to no operator training. Moreover, it is portable and requires no electricity.

Phoenix manual dispensers can work in any environmental condition, extreme hot and cold, dust or humidity. It is best for packaging stations that pack less than 50 cartons daily. Here’re the two variants of the Phoenix manual dispenser:

Phoenix M-1: It can dispense up to 30” in a single pull. Plus, it has a utility top cover where you can store carton knives, markers, hand stamps, etc.

Phoenix M-2: It can also dispense up to 30” in a single pull and comes with a utility top cover. It has added benefits of three brush moistening systems and a top heater for best sealing.

Electronic Tape Dispensers

Phoenix electronic packaging tape dispenser designed to ease your job of applying water-activated tapes on cartons. This machine is built with cutting-edge technology. And perfect for use with paper tapes ranging from 1.5” to 3” in width. It can smoothly dispense tape lengths from 6” to 45” with the press of the front-mounted keypad to easily and quickly secure boxes. The machine can work in any practical environment and provide secure sealing without needing hand pulling. Here’re the three variants of the Phoenix electronic gummed tape dispenser, also known as the Evolution series.

Phoenix E1: It comes with a LED screen. And ideal for anyone who uses different package sizes and ships more than 40 packages daily.

Phoenix E2 – Electric Eye: It is a perfect combination of sleek design and state-of-the-art electronics for hassle-free performance. It has a durable self-oiling guillotine shear, a front-mounted keypad, and a level 3 brush positioning system with an adjustable top heater.

Phoenix E4 – Elite: This automatic tape dispenser can easily deliver water-activated tape ready to seal your cartons. With it, you can program custom lengths. In addition, it comes with features like optional handheld sensor integration, and a photo eye for hands-free tape dispensing. Other features, such as self-oiling clutter blades, front-mounted keypad, utility top cover, uniform three-brush moistening system, and thermostat controller heater, make it more reliable and efficient.

Evolution Series Tape Dispensers with real-time printing

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Made from high-quality steel with a baked enamel finish to prevent corrosion. It can work for years like new.
Takes less time to tape than BOPP tapes. Saves on cost and packaging time.
The programmable keypad allows the adjustment of tape lengths.
By adding the capabilities of an inkjet printer, Phoenix Tape Dispensers can prove to be an innovative leader. With this, you can print messages (like company logo, SKU numbers, and other important handling messages) directly on your paper tape. Thus, helping you in elevating your brand exposure.
Phoenix Tape Dispensers


How do I load paper tape onto a dispenser?

To load paper tape onto a dispenser:

  • Place the roll on the spindle
  • Pull the tape through the slot
  • Cut or tear the tape
  • Secure the tape in place
  • Test the dispenser

What types of paper tape can be used with a dispenser?

The most common types of paper tape used with dispensers are gummed, masking, kraft, and reinforced paper tape. It’s important to choose the right type for your needs and ensure compatibility with your dispenser.


A water-activated tape dispenser can moisten, size, cut the tape to the desired length, and seal the shipping boxes. We supply WAT and paper tape dispensers to every industry. Contact us now to know the tape dispenser price and place an order.

Paper Tape Dispenser

Sealing for Shipping Boxes