Super stretchable, reusable, and easy-to-use covers with more strength and flexibility.

Reusable Pallet Covers

Eco-friendly, reusable pallet covers are 10x stronger alternatives to stretch film. They are made of heavy duty ventilated and breathable mesh or opaque vinyl. These covers are easier and quicker to install and remove saving time and money.

Pallet covers help in making an outermost layer for the boxes in order to protect them from bad weather and dirt. Our covers are made from recyclable materials, which makes it a sustainable packaging option over other conventional single use plastic films.

To boost the idea of sustainability among companies, we are offering a wide range of packaging solutions that are eco-friendly and cost-efficient.

Our range of pallet covers need no additional device or equipment for installing it after palletization of boxes. It is simple-to-use, reduces carbon footprints and does not contribute to the cost of production.

Catering to the specific requirements of the clients, our experts have developed pallet covers that can stand strong in any kind of surrounding. It protects the products from different environmental problems.

Why are Pallet covers important?

Pallet covers are the best and economical way to add on an additional layer of protection to the pallet boxes. It helps in keeping pallets enacted to move across warehouses.

These covers protect workers from any kind of mishappening. For example, if a box falls from the pallet, it will not fall under the cover only. Conventional pallet covers made from single use plastic or non-recyclable material are now replaced by sustainable and long lasting covers.

Do not stick to the traditional plastic covers, replace them with the high quality and recyclable pallet covers from Packmile. Our pallet covers protect the boxes from dust, dirt, and heat. It helps in safeguarding your products from every possible environmental condition.

These heavy duty weather resistant mesh enable manufacturers or companies to even store their stock in the open areas. Using our products for pallet covering can expand the spectrum of storage for you!

What kind of material is used to make pallet covers?

There is a wide range of materials used to manufacture our specialised range of pallet covers. We do offer PP woven pallet covers made of coated polypropylene (PP) woven fabric or polyethylene (PE) film.

Materials that are sustainable and have less or zero impact on the environment, are used in the making of covers. These materials are scientifically proven as safe for the environment. Especially for the food and beverage industry, it is important to use breathable material. It helps the products to have sufficient air and environment.

Along with that, Packmile provides different design and length as per the clients’ requirements. These covers are available in different colours and styles like black, transparent, or white exterior and black interior.

Many companies use these covers for colour coding products, concealing and safeguarding merchandise contents. Pallet boxes or products can also be strapped after their placement is done, wherein these pallet covers would offer better product stabilisation.


There is a broad variety of pallet covers offered by Packmile, based on different measurements, design, material and characteristics. Here are some of the benefits mentioned below about our products:

Protective packaging will reduce your use & cost of stretch film and shrink wrap. Conventional shrink wraps were single use and increased the industrial garbage of the industries. Thus, we came up with a sustainable option for you, which is cost-effective and efficient.
No machines or equipment required. Very easy to wrap and unwrap. Saves time and enhances the speed of production.
Easy to wrap, easy to remove, strap everything in a storage bin.
Heavy duty weather resistant mesh, which can protect products from environmental conditions.
Ventilated to reduce food spoilage and adds up to the protective layer.
Helps in the optimization of material cost over time.
Better ergonomics for employees.
Helps in creating a safe working environment for workers in warehouses and other storage facilities.
Reduce landfill waste & BPA poison, which would have a positive impact on the surrounding.
Longer useful life of packaging materials. Using these reusable covers can help in increasing the shelf life of various products.
Add on to the final layer of packaging to the boxes for providing them a structure before any movement.

Why choose us?

We provide a high-class product range, which not only fulfils your business requirements but also helps you in reducing carbon footprints. Packmile pallet covers are durable, reusable and eco-friendly. Our expert teams have developed them with quality research and knowledge.

By trusting us, you will get 100% product satisfaction. Customization of covers is also available with great design and quality material. Our products will help in reducing the overall cost of production and improve employee protection. We are offering the best deal in the industry for you!

So, what are you waiting for?

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What sizes are available for pallet covers?

The size of the pallet covers is available in different measurements. However, you can customise its size as per your requirements measurements. So, you don’t need to worry if the size of the pallet cover would satisfy your needs or not.

Can pallet covers be customised?

Yes, Packmile offers customization of their pallet covers as per your required colour, design and size.

Are pallet covers cost-effective?

Yes, pallet covers can be cost-effective as they protect products from damage and contamination, reducing the risk of costly product loss or replacement. They can also reduce transportation costs by allowing for more efficient use of space on pallets which can be reused multiple times, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
Reusable Pallet Covers
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