Paper Bubble Wrap

A sustainable and eco-friendly way of packaging with an advanced honeycomb structure.

Wrapping has never been easier and more secure. Continuous perforation allows you to tear your pack at the most efficient custom length without cutting. Compact, light-weight, intuitive, and easy to wrap your products.

Paper bubble wraps are made from recycled paper with a honeycomb-style pattern. This captures air and protects your fragile products from wear and tear. These wraps would help you in packaging all the delicate stuff with the highest protective layer.

It is easier for you to use this paper bubble wrap since it requires no additional tapes or adhesives.

Just, Tear it! roll it! And deliver it!
It’s that simple!

Our standard roll dimensions are 15″ (W) x 100m (L).
Want to customize the roll dimensions according to you? Don’t worry, we have that option too!
Bhive dispenser is a one-time buy and is required for wrapping the products.


Provides cushioning to the products: Helps eliminate damage with excellent protection. The hexagonal cells create an interlocking web that protects all of your items. This new structure makes it ideal for glass products, which need an additional layer.

Paper bubble wrap helps in filling up the space left in the carton after filling the products in it. This further helps in reducing the movements of the products during transit.

Material Reduction: Reduces your wrap and void-fill packaging materials to just Bhive; thus, saving you space, time, effort, and money. The installation of the bhive dispenser is easy and requires less space than any other packaging type. Since bhive expands at the time of packaging, you will need less quantity of it.

This would reduce your cost of production as well as save the company’s effort in buying more packaging materials.
It also reduces the wastage of materials that happens during the packaging process.

Speed: Increases the packaging speed up to 25-50% since there is no taping and easy tearing feature available at exactly the right amount. This would help in decreasing the time of delivering a package to your customers.

The whole process of packaging products would be optimized and shortened by using paper bubble wrap. Along with that, conventional plastic bubble wrap is single-use plastic, which has a harmful impact on nature. These plastic wraps are bulky and difficult to manage. Opting for sustainable and recyclable paper bubble wrap will reduce the pocket burden and boost your business process.

Storage space: Takes up to 80% less space than the traditional bubble wrap. As you wrap, the product expands into its engineered hexagonal cells. Since plastic bubble wraps have trapped air, they acquire more space. But with the introduction of paper bubble wraps, this space requirement has been reduced by more than half. Also, bhive refills logs are compact and do not need a whole room or a dedicated space for them.

Helps in surplus package handling and optimises the volume or space of the package.

Lightweight and strong: Eco-friendly paper wraps are light in weight. This would help you to save your transit cost, which depends on the weight of the package.

With a lightweight nature, bhive is also strong and flexible. You don’t need to worry if it will tear apart during transit.
It holds on to the product like its shape and hence, provides better coverage for protection.

The honeycomb structure adds up to the strength of bhive. By opting for bhive you can protect your packages with shocks too, because of its insulating property.

Sustainability: Bhive is an eco-friendly bubble wrap that is 100% recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable. Most of brands across the globe are significantly adopting a packaging solution, which helps in reducing the overall carbon footprints of the environment.

The increasing environmental concerns and growing awareness among people, are compelling companies to shift to sustainable options available to them. Plastic is banned in various parts of the world. Big brands across different industries are following the same trend.

Opting for eco-friendly bubble wrap can provide you with a competitive edge in the market.
So, what are you waiting for? Contact us for the transformation your packaging process needs!


Paper bubble wrap is a revolutionary concept in the packaging industry, which is widely gaining traction. There are many sectors of the business domain, which are swiftly moving to sustainability concepts. The packaging industry as a whole is also transitioning from conventional to advanced and eco-friendly methods.

Customers are becoming more conscious about the things they buy and how they will impact the environment. Thus, they are demanding better alternatives to plastic-based products, which is creating a demand for environment-friendly packaging solutions.

Packmile Bhive is a 100% recyclable packaging product with high quality and more customer satisfaction.
It will help you to grow your business with less harm caused to the environment. Using such eco-friendly products can also add up to the brand value.

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What are the available sizes?

Our standard size for the Bhive role is 15″ (W) x 100m (L). However, we can customise the dimensions as per your requirements, which makes this product appropriate for all kinds of packaging.

Is Paper Bubble Wrap as effective as plastic bubble wrap?

Paper wrap is both flexible and stretchable, making it a good option for protecting fragile items during shipping. Additionally, paper wrap is more compact and space-efficient than bubble wrap, making it easier to store. 

Is a special dispenser required for this paper bubble wrap?

The dispenser typically holds the roll of paper wrap and allows for easy dispensing and cutting of the wrap. Thus, to improve efficiency, you can choose a dispenser.

How many layers of Bhive should I use for packing?

Though two layer of Bhive is enough to protect any product from external damage, you can always use a triple layer for extra protection of fragile items.
Bhive Paper Bubble Wrap
Paper bubble wrap - packmile
Bhive Paper Bubble Wrap


Paper bubble wrap - packmile


Paper bubble wrap - packmile