Paper Tapes

Extra Strong with Extra Power

Perfect for light-duty holding and bundling tasks! 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

Want to switch to eco-friendly or plastic-free packaging? These paper tapes manufactured without plastic using a starch-based glue that activates with water would be very beneficial. These are an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, long-lasting, and reliable alternative to plastic tapes, which cannot be recycled or upcycled and add heaps of waste to our landfills and waterways.

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One of the leading companies in India to manufacture and sell premium paper tapes is Packmile. As a responsible corporate entity, we present a complete eco-friendly solution for the tape and packaging industry.

Stop wasting money on single-use and eco-unfriendly box packaging tapes. Make the switch to a better alternative – Eco-friendly Paper Tapes. These water-activated paper tapes are made from paper and fiber that uses a water-activated adhesive to seal the boxes.

These paper tapes are simple to use and seal boxes with a single strip, safeguarding the contents and giving each product a polished, branded appearance. Utilizing our eco-friendly packaging will offer your goods of any size a brand-new appearance and demonstrate your appreciation for the environment.

Our water-activated tape contains glue that is made of starch. With a bit of moisture from a damp sponge or the aid of a tape dispenser, our gummed paper tape may adhere to your boxes immediately. They serve as a more environmentally friendly alternative to BOPP and plastic tapes. They also provide better adhesive qualities, eliminating the need for extra layers of tape.

Using paper packing tapes, also known as Kraft Paper Tapes, Gummed Paper Tapes, and Water-activated tapes (WATs), will help you make the shift to sustainability while making your packaging more environmentally friendly. Both brand-new and recycled boxes respond favorably to the tape.

  • Multiple Usage: It can be utilized in various industries and general industrial applications, including distribution centers, food and beverage processing, paper and printing, pharmaceutical and medical care, and shipping.
  • Weather-proof: The robust construction of paper adhesive tapes ensures consistent performance in virtually all weather conditions, including humid ones. This makes them ideal for storage and transit.
  • Easy Application: These brown paper tapes are often applied from a dispenser cleanly and swiftly to the box’s surface.

We offer custom paper tapes to meet your specific requirements. This means you can order paper tapes as per your desired length and width. They can be easily used and removed without damaging the surface to which it is attached. We have two variants:


Our reinforced paper tapes come with fiberglass liners reinforcement for added durability and strength. We offer a variety of grades constructed to secure heavy-weight boxes.

Non-Reinforced Water Activate Tape

Unlike reinforced water-activated tapes, non-reinforced water-activated tapes don’t have fiberglass reinforcement. They are ideal for cartoons that will be palletized and not-shipped individually. We use a starch-based adhesive that securely bonds the two opening ends of the box.


Permanent Box Closure – Moistened adhesive interacts with porous surfaces for a secure and powerful bond. When water is applied to the adhesive, a capillary action takes place. This enables the tape to create a permanent bond with the box’s surface. This empowers the boxes to bear lifting and tossing during transit.
Secures Bond – Our paper tape is constructed with plain kraft paper best suited for light to heavy-weight cartoons. That’s because it includes several layers of fiber and paper. This allows them to securely bond to corrugated cartons, even in dirty or dusty environments.
All-Weather Use – The high-quality adhesive, paper, and fiber make our paper tapes highly efficient in all practical weather. Whether it’s too cold or too hot, gummed paper tapes uninterruptibly do their duties.
Pilfer Proof for Security – Water-activated tape forms a tamper-evident seal which shreds if someone tries to pull it off before delivery. So, a box closed with paper tape can’t be opened without leaving a broken seal.
Durability and Strength – Our paper tapes are constructed with extra strong fiberglass yarns bonded between the high-tensile strength sheets for more strength. This creates a strong, durable seal that can endure tough handling.
Environmentally Friendly – We use 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and environment-friendly materials to make our paper tapes. Greatly eliminating the need for single-use BOPP/Plastic. Protecting the oceans and environment from plastic and gloss or wax coatings.
Closure Appearance – Our paper tapes have appealing aesthetics that can elevate your client’s experience. Moreover, you can customize your tape to give a new layer to your packaging.

Whatever business you’re in, Packmile can supply premium water-activated tapes to meet any corrugated box closure application. With the recent growth of e-commerce purchases and parcel shipping, water activated tape has become a necessity, with a focus on having a secure, pilfer-proof seal on packages being shipped.


How strong is the paper tape?

Due to the several layers of fibre and paper in Packmile Paper Tape, it can be used for packaging huge boxes. Our paper tape is very strong and even used for sealing different boxes.

Is paper tape recyclable?

Yes, our paper tape is 100% recyclable and is made up of various eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

What types of paper tape are available?

We offer two types of paper tapes, i.e., reinforced water-activated tape and non-reinforced water activated tape.

Can we have branding on the tapes?

Yes, Packmile offers customization of tapes, in which you can print your company’s logo or name on the tape. This will act as a great branding tool.
Water-Activated Tapes


A paper tape can be readily applied with the help of a hand-held dispenser that also features serrated teeth. So you can cut the desired length. Then take the tape and apply it to the box. For a durable seal, apply the tape with water; it bonds to the board once dry. They can also be recycled after usage. Usually, paper tapes are used for corrugated box sealing.

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Paper Tapes - Corrugated Box Sealing

Corrugated Box Sealing