Pallet Straps

Adjustable straps with high durability and 100% reusability.

Pallet straps are the packing straps that help in unitizing all products together for shipping. Our offering of pallet straps are sustainable with improved technology and better quality.

When a company chooses pallet straps, they have more confidence in the process since they know that the products are shipped or stored properly in one piece. These straps are hassle-free and reusable.

During the palletization of boxes, these straps add to the protective packaging of the products. It helps in improving the stability of all the boxes, so that they can move as ‘One’. It becomes extremely easier for the warehousing companies to load and unload products for further distribution.

Reusable Pallet Straps

Strapping has never been easier and more secure. Pallet Straps use specialised velcro technology and material to ensure the life of each strap is very high. Velcro technology helps in keeping products and boxes stuck at one defined place.

You can simply adjust the product and it will not move from its place. After understanding the requirements of today’s clients, we adopted the best technology and materials to introduce the best in quality, sustainable and durable straps.

If you want to customise the designs and measurements of pallet straps as per your requirements, we can do it for you!

However, our standard widths are 25mm, 50mm, and 100mm


Speed: Reduces packing time since equipment’s are not required to strap the products; thus, improving palletization speed. Conventional, single use plastic bands or straps required some specialised devices for usage.

Customization of these straps can reduce the overall time consumption since you just need to put these pallet straps on during the palletization of boxes.

Saves Costs: Since you can reuse the Pallet Straps multiple times, you can save costs compared to the traditional PP straps which can be used only once. Also, helps save on garbage disposing costs.

Initially, you might need to invest in these straps, but in the long run, it reduces the overall cost of production. Using reusable pallet straps will reduce the requirement of refilling.

Unwrapping: Extremely easy to unwrap the products from the pallets. Earlier, companies needed significant time to wrap and then unwrap the boxes, but with the introduction of these packing straps, you can simply unwrap a box within a few minutes.

Pallet Strapping is easy to use and sticks to the corners for better grip of the boxes. You can simply detach these straps from the boxes and reuse them in the future.

High Strength: Specialised material used to provide greater strength to secure the products on the pallets. For example, PP straps are among the most popular pallet straps that are effective for low to medium-duty boxes.

These packing straps offer more elongation. We are offering reusable pallet straps that are strong and appropriate for low to heavy-duty boxes.

Sustainability: Reduces single-use plastic usage from your packaging process. Reusable pallet straps are becoming a helping hand for companies since they need less space, time, and money.

These straps are plastic tape replacement, which helps in reducing the carbon footprints in the environment. It also reduces the quantity of waste material thrown out from industries.

Why are Pallet straps important?

During the process of packaging various products, it is important to opt for appropriate packaging material. Companies are majorly focusing on sustainable packaging for better brand building and improved supply chain.

After the manufacturing of the products, they are stored in customised boxes with all the information written about the product. These packaged products are then collected into bigger boxes and then those bigger boxes are bundled together for better movement.

It is important for companies to palletize these boxes since it streamlines the transportation process for them. Supply chain is complex and hence, needs changes that are less complicated and more reliable. For this, we have these pallet straps, which help you to improve the palletization of boxes and complete your orders on time.

Additionally, it is also important for companies to use these straps for the protection of the employees. If not used properly, items or boxes can fall on employees who are placing them in warehouses or store houses. Thus, using pallet straps can protect your employees from getting injuries.

It ensures the safety of the employees while moving the products from one place to another.

Why choose us?

We offer a wide range of pallet straps made of strong and heavy-duty materials. Velcro technology of our pallet straps makes them simple to use!

Top-class material, fully reliable, reusable, eco-friendly, and pocket friendly are some of the key features of Packmile pallet straps. Get your brand printed on these pallet straps for creating more brand value.

For any query, you can reach out to our expert team.


What are the different types of pallet straps?

The main types of pallet straps are polyester, polypropylene, steel, composite, and corded strapping. The choice of strap depends on the application’s specific requirements, such as load weight and shape.

How do you choose the right pallet strap?

To choose the right pallet strap, consider factors such as the weight and size of the load, the transportation method, the environment, and the equipment available. Select a strap that is strong enough for the load, easy to handle, and compatible with the tools and equipment available.

Are pallet straps environmentally friendly?

Polyester (PET) and polypropylene (PP) pallet straps are more environmentally friendly than steel straps because they can be recycled. Packmile Pallet Straps are 100% reusable and eco-friendly.
Reusable Pallet Straps
Reusable Pallet Straps


Pallet Straps - Palletization of Bins/Boxes

Palletization of Bins/Boxes

Pallet Straps - Strapping of products together

Strapping of products together