What Are Paper Tapes and Why You Need Them?

The world has been using plastic in packaging for as long as we can remember, in fact the world uses over 500 billion single-use plastic bags every year! Whopping amount, isn’t it?

Only of late has the trend shifted to the use of Paper Tapes for Packaging, and for good reason. What are Paper Tapes and Why Do You Need Them? Read on to find out.

Plastic is commonly used in modern day Packaging not just industrially, but commercially too. Due to immense E-commerce growth and heightened use of B2C Packaging – which needs to be packaged an extra layer for protection during shipping – there’s a whole lot more single-use plastic waste being generated even as you read this. With Eco-friendly Packaging Solutions becoming the norm today, the entire industry has turned to accept sustainable and revolutionary new ways of packaging without hesitation.

Paper Tape - Packmile

In order to tackle the massive growth in use of packaging material, businesses across the world have stepped forward to bring forward the solution and make it widely accessible, thus encouraging more and more people to adopt a Plastic Tape replacement without actually compromising on the end result.

Water Activated Tape

With Paper Tape, the end result is not just a replacement. It is a definite upgrade.

This is exactly where companies like Packmile come in, with the powerful and eco-friendly Water-Activated Tape (WAT), otherwise known as Gummed Tape or Gummed Kraft Tape. These tapes are the next level in adhesive tapes and without doubt, crucial to the future of packaging. WATs work much like stamps; they are non-adhesive until they come in contact with water. Once exposed to water, they are activated and go on to make a stronger, greener and aesthetically-pleasing alternative to dated Plastic Tapes.

With Paper Tape from Packmile, you have an option to pick between two choices, depending on the need of your business’s packaging operations. Both are 100% Biodegradable and Recyclable.


Non-Reinforced Water-Activated Tape – With starch-based adhesive for a superior bond.

Reinforced Water-Activated Tape – With starch based adhesive & fiberglass liners for the ultimate bond.

Paper Tapes are growingly being used by E-commerce giants among others as they have become more sustainable and cost-effective as compared to the tragic non-biodegradable waste that Plastic Tapes leave behind. Not only is Paper Tape Eco-friendly, it is ‘krafted’ to be high tensile and high strength while still being super economical and sustainable. With the world as we know it changing rapidly, numerous businesses are considering the impact that their operations might have on the environment and accordingly adopting necessary changes to go eco-friendly.

Water Activated Tape

Here are some reasons to opt for Packmile’s Paper Tapes for your business:

The Perfect Seal
– Paper Tape eliminates the need to use layer upon layer of tape.

A Secured Bond – Bonds with corrugated cartons, even in dusty environments.

All-weather Use – Unaffected by extreme temperatures or dust

Anti-Pilferage Tape – Tamper proof once sealed. Can’t be opened without leaving a broken seal.

Strong and Durable – Strong fiberglass yarns bonded between high tensile sheets for sheer strength.

Environment Friendly – 100% Biodegradable and Recyclable.

According to the United Nations, Only 9% of all plastic ever made has actually been recycled. Shocking isn’t it? Which brings us all the more reason to abandon Plastic Tape and adopt Paper Tape immediately. The benefits of using a Paper Tape are numerous, not just for the environment or for margins but also in the way a business impacts its clients as well as customers.

Paper Tape - Packmile

And if you’re wondering how the Paper Tape application process can be simplified, consider having a look at Paper Tape Dispensers for speedy and near effortless application. Whether you choose manual or electronic, Paper Tape Dispensers are known to perfectly complement WATs.

Also, if you can imagine being able to print your brand logo or elements onto the Paper Tape, these Packmile Paper Tape Dispensers make it possible, while even being able to dispense to a custom length – all in real-time!

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