For a long time, our elders believed in investing in little steps to create a big impact. As one of the leading paper tape manufacturers, it’s true. As a business, it’s important to take small initiatives to build an impressionable image of the brand. But on the other hand, it’s essential to do the same for our earth as it’s depleting. After all, we are humans, and we need a greener world to have a healthy life or at least a life! 

Addressing both issues in one product, today we are here to talk about custom paper tape. Since paper tapes are customisable, you can get the brand name, taglines or some quirky or impactful quote printed, making every unboxing experience personal. Your customer will think you are thoughtful and serious about your brand. Also, paper tapes are eco-friendly, so while you are moving one step forward in brand marketing, your other one is moving towards maintaining the earth’s health. Thus, without further ado, let’s dig and learn more about costume paper tapes, how to choose and customise them, and how they impact your brand building.  

Benefits of Using Custom Paper Tape for E-commerce

Packaging is a crucial aspect of e-commerce that can greatly impact customer satisfaction and retention. And custom paper tape is an excellent solution for elevating your packaging game and making your brand stand out. Want to know how? Here are some ways that custom paper tape can revolutionise your e-commerce packaging game:

1) Build Your Brand

Custom paper tape makes opening packages more fun and exciting for customers. Having your brand’s logo and colours on the tape helps people remember your brand better. This can make them want to keep buying from you and even share their cool experience on social media for everyone to see, which is like free advertising! Plus, using custom paper tape can also provide free marketing for your business! When customers share their positive experiences on social media, they pass on the information about your brand to their friends and followers. Paper tapes and social media can be powerful for expanding your horizon of customers.

2) Professional and Cohesive Packaging

Using custom paper tape is an excellent way to make your packaging look more polished and professional. When customers receive a well-packaged product, it speaks volumes about your commitment towards quality and detail. Investing in custom packaging solutions like custom paper tape enhances your brand’s image and shows customers that you care about their entire experience with your business. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and foster long-term loyalty.

3) Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention

When customers receive a package that has been carefully wrapped with custom paper tape, it shows that your brand is willing to go the extra mile for a positive customer experience. This level of personalisation can lead to increased customer satisfaction and may even inspire customers to become loyal fans of your brand. Investing in custom packaging solutions like custom paper tape can also demonstrate your dedication to providing exceptional service and value to your clientele. It shows that you’re not just interested in making a sale but that you genuinely care about the experience your customers are looking for.

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4) Eco-Friendly Choice

Custom paper tape is a planet-friendly alternative to BOPP tapes. It can be recycled and turned into compost, making it a great choice for companies that want to help the environment. When you use custom paper tape for packing things, you’re not only making your brand look better but also helping to create a cleaner Earth for everyone. You can also increase your brand value by highlighting its long-run benefits. 

Factor’s to Keep in Mind While Designing Custom Paper Tape for E-commerce Business

Now that we know how great the product is, let’s see how to select and customise paper tape as per your brand needs – 

1) Picking the Best material, colours, size, and fonts

The first step in making an awesome custom paper tape is choosing the right stuff to make it with. You want to use high-quality, eco-friendly materials that stick well to different surfaces. Colours are super important, so pick ones that match your brand and look good on the tape. If your brand is bold and colourful, you can go for a plain background and vice versa. 

When deciding how wide your tape should be, think about the size of the packages it will be used on. If your boxes are the same size, then one size fits all. However, you may need to purchase different sizes if your brand offers a variety of shapes and sizes. Make sure your tape is wide enough to hold the package together securely. Lastly, choose fonts that are easy to read and match your brand’s style. You can also choose some funky quotes that suit the overall vibe of the brand. 

2) Adding Your Logo Or Other Cool Designs

Your custom paper tape is a chance to show off your brand’s unique style. Include your logo or other designs, like patterns or icons, on the tape. This will make your brand more recognisable and help your packages stand out from the rest when shipped and delivered. You can also add information like “this package is eco-friendly” or “unbox cleaner earth” on the tape to enhance your customer experience. If the text is too generic, you can also add pictures, emojis and more. You can also run a contest and put hints on the tape to make it more interesting! 

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3) Making Sure Everything Is Easy To Read And Understand

It’s important that the information on your custom paper tape is clear and simple to read. This means any words, logos, or pictures should be easy to see. Make sure the font size is big enough and the colours stand out against the tape’s background. Also, try not to put too many things on the tape, or it might look messy and confusing. Tip – You can get the brand logo, text and the same pattern on the tape to give the text enough space. 

4) Making Special Tape For Different Events, Promotions, And Shipping Times

One cool thing about custom paper tape is that you can make different designs for different occasions, promotions, or shipping times. For example, you could make a fun holiday-themed tape for Christmas, with special messages for sales or discounts, or tape in different colours to show if a package is being shipped extra fast. This extra touch can make your customers’ experience even better and help promote your brand. You can also add heartwarming wishes and quotes like “packed with love” or “Ho, Ho, Ho it’s time to unwrap your gift” to give it an extra touch. Apart from text, you can add holiday-related symbols, emojis, or even a joke to spice things up! 

Tips for Using Custom Paper Tape Effectively

To make your effort more impressionable, give read the following points – 

1) Putting The Tape In The Right Place And Making It Straight

When using custom paper tape, it’s important to put it in the right spot and make sure it’s straight. This will help your package look neat and professional. Plus, it’ll make it easier for people to read any information on the tape. 

2) Thinking About The Package Material And Size

Before you use your custom paper tape, think about the kind of package you’re sticking it on. Different materials and package sizes might need different types of tape. Make sure your tape works well with the packages you’re using.

3) Making All Your Packaging Stuff Match

To make your brand look incredible, keep your packaging materials consistent. This means using the same colours, logos, and designs on everything, like boxes, bags, and your custom paper tape. This will help your customers recognise your brand easily.

4) Using Custom Paper Tape As A Way To Keep Packages Safe

Did you know custom paper tape can also help keep your packages safe? You can use it as a security seal, which means putting the tape over the opening of the package. If someone tries to open it, the tape will show signs of being tampered with. This can help protect your packages from being opened by the wrong person. 

At the End of Every Tape Roll

Using special paper tapes can make buying things online a lot more fun! It’s like getting a present in the mail. When companies use these special tapes, they can put their logo, name, or even a cool quote on them so it feels more personal. Plus, paper tape is better for the environment because it can be recycled or turned into compost. These cool tapes have a lot of benefits for companies. They can make their brand stand out more and show customers that they care about making them happy.

If you’re a business owner, you can use custom paper tapes to show your customers that you care about them and the environment. By choosing a company like Packmile, which offers customisable, high-quality, eco-friendly paper tapes, you can make a difference in the world and in your customers’ lives. So, don’t forget to use custom paper tapes and make your customers’ shopping experiences even more special!

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