Brown paper tape, often known as packing tape roll, is a versatile and eco-friendly packaging tape that is commonly associated with sealing boxes for shipping. However, this humble tape has far more potential than meets the eye. There are ten creative and unexpected uses for brown paper tape beyond just sealing boxes.

Brown Paper Tape Beyond Just Sealing Boxes1. Artistic Masking

  • Canvas Preparation

A brown paper tape is a valuable tool for artists, especially when it comes to canvas preparation. It can be used to mask off specific sections of a canvas before painting. This technique allows artists to create crisp, clean edges and well-defined shapes. Whether you’re working on a landscape, portrait, or abstract piece, brown paper tape helps maintain the boundaries between different elements of your composition.

  • Collage and Mixed Media

Brown paper tape’s adhesive properties also make it an excellent choice for collage and mixed media projects. Artists and crafters can use it to attach various materials, such as photographs, newspaper clippings, fabric swatches, or found objects, to their artworks. Its adhesive strength ensures that elements stay securely in place, even when subjected to different artistic processes or applied on irregular surfaces.

2. Cable Organization

  • Cord Bundling

Brown paper tape can help you tackle the ever-frustrating problem of tangled cords. Whether computer cables, chargers, or the labyrinth of cords behind your home entertainment system, brown paper tape can be your ally in cord management. Simply bundle the cords together and secure them with strips of tape.

  • Labeling

Another handy use of brown paper tape in cable organization is labeling. Thanks to its writable surface, you can label each bundled cord with a marker or pen. This labeling system helps you quickly identify the purpose of each cord without having to trace it back to its source.

3. Furniture Protection

  • Floor Safeguard

When it comes to moving furniture, especially heavy pieces, brown paper tape can be a valuable ally in protecting your hardwood floors from unsightly scratches and gouges. Before moving furniture, place strips of brown paper tape under the legs or contact points that will come into contact with the floor.

  • Edge Guard

In addition to floor protection, brown paper tape can serve as an edge guard for furniture. When working on home improvement or repair projects that involve sanding, painting, or refinishing surfaces, apply tape strips to the edges of furniture pieces, such as tables or countertops.

4. Gardening Aid

  • Plant Support

Gardeners can harness the versatility of brown paper tape to provide gentle support for plants in their gardens. Whether growing delicate vines, tall flowers, or sprawling vegetables, you can use brown paper tape to secure them to stakes, trellises, or other support structures.

  • Seed Row Marking

Brown paper tape can also play a role in precision gardening, particularly when planting seeds in rows. To maintain even spacing between rows and ensure proper seed distribution, apply strips of brown paper tape along the ground as guidelines.

5. Creative Gift Wrapping

  • Decorative Touch

Brown paper tape can elevate your gift-wrapping game, adding a unique and rustic charm to your presents. Instead of relying solely on traditional wrapping paper and adhesive tape, consider incorporating brown paper tape into your gift-wrapping routine.

  • Gift Tag Holder

Gift tags are a common addition to wrapped presents but sometimes struggle to stay in place. Brown paper tape offers a reliable solution by serving as an excellent holder for gift tags. Attach the tag securely to the package with a small piece of tape, and you won’t have to worry about it falling off during transit.

6. DIY Bookbinding

  • Page Attachment

For DIY bookbinding enthusiasts, brown paper tape is a versatile tool for attaching loose pages or creating spine reinforcements in homemade books. When binding loose sheets of paper into a book, apply strips of brown paper tape along the edge of the pages to hold them together securely.

  • Cover Design

Brown paper tape can also become a creative element in the design of handmade books. It can embellish the cover by creating patterns, borders, or rustic textures. Paint or decorate the tape to match the theme or style of the book, turning it into an integral part of the overall design.

7. Home Repair

  • Temporary Fixes

Brown paper tape is a handy resource for addressing minor household issues and making temporary fixes. When unexpected damages occur, such as small holes in walls or tears in screens, you can use the tape as a quick and effective solution to patch the problem.

  • Quick Labeling

Brown paper tape’s writable surface makes it a useful tool for quick labeling in the home. Whether organizing storage containers, identifying contents in your pantry, or creating temporary labels for items, brown paper tape simplifies the process.

8. Travel Companion

  • Luggage Identifier

Traveling can sometimes involve dealing with suitcases that look similar to others on the baggage carousel. To make your luggage stand out and quickly identify it at the airport, consider wrapping strips of brown paper tape around the handles or corners of your suitcase.

  • Travel Journal Attachment

For avid travelers who keep travel journals or scrapbooks, brown paper tape can be a valuable addition to document their adventures. Attach memorabilia such as tickets, postcards, receipts, or photos to your travel journal using strips of brown paper tape.

9. Party Decorations

  • Banners and Garlands

Planning a celebration or party? Brown paper tape can play a role in creating unique and eco-friendly party decorations. Use it to assemble banners, garlands, and streamers, adding a rustic and environmentally conscious touch to your festivities.

  • Photo Booth Backdrop

Photo booths have become a popular addition to many parties and gatherings. If you’re setting up a photo booth for an event, consider using brown paper tape to build a backdrop. Attach tape strips to a wall or backdrop stand to create a textured and visually interesting photo background.

10. DIY Fashion

  • Clothing Repairs

When you encounter minor clothing issues, such as a fallen hem or a small tear, brown paper tape can offer a quick and temporary fix. This solution is especially handy when you’re in a hurry or don’t have access to sewing equipment.

  • Fashion Accessories

Get creative with brown paper tape by incorporating it into your fashion accessories. Whether crafting belts, bracelets, cuffs, or other wearable items, brown paper tape can add an intriguing texture and rustic charm to your creations.


Brown paper tape, often overlooked as a simple packaging tool, possesses a wealth of creative potential beyond sealing boxes. Whether you’re an artist, gardener, traveler, or DIY enthusiast, you can discover innovative ways to incorporate brown paper tape into your projects and daily life.

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