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Paper Bubble Wrap

Wrapping has never been easier and more secure. Continuous perforation allows you to tear your pack at the most efficient custom length without cutting. Compact, light-weight, intuitive and is easy to wrap your products.


Cushioning: Helps eliminate damage with excellent protection. The hexagonal cells create an interlocking web that protects all of your items.
Material Reduction:  Reduces your wrap and void fill packaging materials to just BHive; thus, saving you space, time, effort and money.
Speed: Increases the packaging speed upto 25-50% since there is no taping and easy tearing feature available at exactly the right amount.
Storage space:  Takes up to 80% less space than the traditional bubble wrap. As you wrap, the product expands into its engineered hexagonal cells.
Sustainability:  100% recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.
Paper Bubble Wrap
Papper Bubble Wrap


Bhive - Wrapping


Bhive - Void - Filling