5 Packaging Tips for E-Commerce Startups.

With the e-commerce sector entering into a massive boom, the number of players in this market will definitely increase. Aside from the convenience of shopping and hard-to-resist pricing, the e-commerce sector witnesses one of the fiercest competitions ever. This is not just any level of competition, it is a cut-throat competition to come out as the best online seller in the respective industry.

The challenge may not be daunting for sellers that offer products from a single brand or product line. But if it is an online marketplace offering a wide range of products from several brands, then things can get a bit difficult. The primary focus of any e-commerce establishment is customer satisfaction. Since online sellers do not have a physical outlet where customers can interact with the staff or the products, people usually rely on the product packaging and quality of service to determine the effectiveness of the brand.

This brings us to the conclusion that packaging plays a significant role in achieving the desired level of customer satisfaction. While the overall appeal and presentation of the package matters a lot, you should not compromise the safety of the contents in the process. It is quintessential that a perfect balance be attained while coming up with the packaging design.

Check out these simple yet effective packaging tips to boost your e-commerce startup and also manage the competition in a better manner.

1) Never Waste Packaging Materials

As a start-up, your business might not have a lot of funds. So you need to make the most out of it. It makes no sense to add a lot of packaging materials if it does not justify the purpose. By using just the right amount of packaging materials, you will be able to save costs as well as help the environment by reducing wastage. All of these are crucial for building a sustainable system.

2) Make the Package Informative, Attractive and Useful

The package should be attractive, safe and informative. The key to a successful packaging design is the balancing of these crucial factors in such a way that the end result succeeds in driving sales as well as impress customers. In terms of informative aspect, the package should have all the information that is relevant and required for the customer to understand the product contained within the package.

3) Don’t Make Customers Anticipate in Vain

Have you ever received a gift where the actual item was small but the packaging was large? I am sure you must have been disappointed because your expectations were quite high. This is the same scenario that happens when customers receive their packages. Never make them anticipate in vain. The same is applicable for smaller boxes or tightly fit boxes. There is a limit to which the boxes can be stuffed. Don’t go over the board with it. The products will be subjected to higher risk in such packaging.

4) Ensure Sustainability isImportant

As an e-commerce startup, your business will definitely require effective packaging material from day one. Consumers want to buy your products but don’t want to deal with the “waste”, especially if it’s hard to dispose or recycle. Don’t make them guilty. It’s your responsibility to provide eco-friendly solutions and help them dispose better. There is a long-term benefit and customer loyalty that will help your startup grow. So, make sure that you work on this with a proper strategy from the first day itself.

5) Get the Best E-Commerce Packaging Materials

Irrespective of how attractive your packaging design may be, you won’t be able to achieve really good quality levels unless you have the best e-commerce packaging materials. When you work with the best materials, you can be assured of better quality, more durability, longer usable life, and better overall features. Plus, e-commerce packaging materials are specifically designed to give e-commerce businesses the edge that they need for impressing their customers every time.